"Truck Yeah" vs....

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"Truck Yeah" vs....

Post by ranseler » Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:07 am

It's interesting, and perhaps it shows how little control or input program directors and music directors have over what their station plays...."Truck Yeah" by Tim McGraw shoots up the charts in a few weeks (#14 on Mediabase as I type this). But the truth is, "Truck Yeah" is a pale, poor imitation of what Colt Ford has been doing for years. Country radio has had this type of music (done better and with more sincerity and, some might say, more country attitude) at their fingertips, available to them and yet has refused to play it.

Why is that, exactly? Colt regularly sells out wherever he goes; his fan base is arguably a LOT more passionate than most other country artists', his cd's and downloads sell with very little radio airplay - oh, and look...his new cd debuted at #1 on the country charts.

We as programmers are always looking for indicators - anything that will point us in a more clear direction as to what the listeners want. "In these tough economic times" (a phrase I hate), the dollar and how it's spent should speak even more loudly on this point. Colt sells out almost every show (and he's doing a lot more than a multi-week run in Vegas), his cd's and downloads sell almost exclusively on the merits of long-standing and newly found fans....I mean, what more evidence do you need to at least consider playing him?

"Back", the latest offering from Colt (with a great guest vocal by Jake Owen) is arguably more "country" than anything else in the Top 30...it speaks to the very real experiences of YOUR listeners. Yes, the larger markets have their "countrypolitan" listeners who maybe don't relate so well, but I promise you, 80% of all country listeners will point to at least two lyrics in this song and instantly relate.

Can the same be said for "Truck Yeah"?

It's sad that in 2012, programmers have lost the two body parts that used to serve them all so well......ears and balls.

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Re: "Truck Yeah" vs....

Post by Drakea83 » Mon Aug 20, 2012 3:18 pm

God bless Colt Ford and his fans. They are rabid backers of him and what he does. I've got nothing but respect for that. However, his music is basically no different than what my Urban sister station plays. I'm not sticking up for Tim McGaw, because that's not a song I'm going to waste my time playing either.

My balls are firmly in place by not sacrificing my country airwaves on music that could be played on an Urban station.

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Re: "Truck Yeah" vs....

Post by ranseler » Mon Aug 20, 2012 4:03 pm

I respect that you feel Colt's music won't work on your station; your call and you know your audience. My experience in programming has shown me that both male and female younger demos (12-35) actually like his music - it's the older demos that tend to have a problem with it.

When you think about it, is Colt's music that much different than "Devil Went Down To Georgia" or "Legend of Wooley Swamp" or so many other of Charlie Daniels hits? Is it much different than the country classic "I've Been Everywhere"? or "One Piece At A Time"? His sensibilities are straight-ahead country to the core; regardless of the fact his cd debuted at #2 on the rap charts, I doubt there's one urban station who would play a cut off his cd.

Like I said, if you thought out your decision to not play Colt, that's a decision I respect and certainly understand. Where that decision approaches shaky ground is when a station (or consultant) will jump all over a song like "Truck Yeah" with no reservations, yet turn their nose up at Colt Ford.

I admit, I am both a country programmer and a fan. I've seen the crowds at his shows, seen the response his music gets. To deny the appeal he has to a large chunk of our younger demos is to be willfully blind.

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Re: "Truck Yeah" vs....

Post by nascarholly » Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:20 pm

I may be in the minority, but I love this new song from Tim. Out of what has gone to radio from him, the following are my most favorite. :) :) :)

1.) "Indian Outlaw"
2.) "All I Want"
3.) "One Of These Days"
4.) "Please Remember Me"
5.) "Some Things Never Change"
6.) "Red Rag Top"
7.) "Back When"
8.) "My Old Friend"
9.) "Last Dollar (Fly Away)"
10.) "I Need You"
11.) "Suspicions"
12.) "Its A Business Doing Pleasure With You"
13.) "Me And Tennessee"
14.) "Whatever Makes You Feel Like A Rock Star"
15.) "Truck Yeah"

As for Colt Ford, the only song from him that I have ever gone for is the one named "Chicken And Biscuits" and that is because my most favorite singer, James Otto, did the singing for it. By the way, why are we hearing another male doing the singing when that song is played on the radio??? I was so excited to learn that the song got released only to find out that James had been replaced!!! :x :x :x

God bless you and him and Colt and Tim always!!! :) :) :)

Listen to my most favorite singer here sometime, James Otto! (big smile)

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