Congrats To Becky Brenner

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Congrats To Becky Brenner

Post by jimmya » Wed Nov 07, 2012 12:25 pm

ALBRIGHT & O’MALLEY CONSULTANTS (JAYE ALBRIGHT and MICHAEL O’MALLEY) have elevated BECKY BRENNER to full partner. BRENNER joined the company in January 2012. The company's new name- ALBRIGHT & O’MALLEY & BRENNER. A new logo will reflect the change.
ALBRIGHT says, "We knew that this would be the perfect addition of yet another first team player to ALBRIGHT & O’MALLEY’S arsenal of strategic and tactical weapons for our clients. BECKY has done everything including morning drive personality, promotions, marketing, programming, operations and new media manager, during her illustrious 35 year career at CBS RADIO, ARS, EZ COMMUNICATIONS, BROADCAST PROGRAMMING and MIDWEST FAMILY.”
O’MALLEY added, "BECKY has had an immediate, positive impact on her clients and our company. Knowledge and passion have been hallmarks of A&O and BECKY BRENNER is cut from the same cloth. We consider our company clients enriched with this new addition and are thrilled to now call the company A&O&B."
"Working with MIKE, JAYE and the rest of the A&O team (it's going to take me awhile to get used to saying 'A&O&B') has been such a rewarding experience. It gives me the freedom and flexibility to do so many different things; from full service consulting to hands-on music scheduling, maintenance and analysis, to helping some of the biggest personalities in our format grow their brand strategically. I could not have asked for a better opportunity or a better fit,” said BRENNER.
BRENNER will continue to be based out of her SEATTLE home office and can be reached at (206) 595-7086 or email

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