This infuriating biz, that doesn't practice good biz sense

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This infuriating biz, that doesn't practice good biz sense

Post by cyjagger » Wed Jul 06, 2011 4:41 pm

Before I pitch a bitch - I just want to say I have been there and done that. On air, PD, MD, and Prod Director with 20 + years of radio under my belt. I got smart and moved on to another industry as music manager and in management at a record label.

I am currently representing a wonderful talent from the UK who is out on the road nationally in the US on a promo tour (you know what they used to do, get out there and meet radio people face to face in support of a record). Because I am the one on the other end of the phone I am getting a unique look from the outside now peeking into radio.

Unfortunately I am appalled each and every day by the lack of business etiquette that most departments in radio seem to operate by. Don't get me wrong I know you are getting hit up by hundreds of music promoters so I get it, I've been there.

I can not tell you how impersonal and awful your phone twilight zones are, how extremely rude your receptionists can be and how infuriating your gate keepers are, forget about getting a returned call or a returned email from who is it really making the decision on airplay again - oh yeah suppose to be the Program Director... but oh I get it GM's & SM's jerking your chain right? (Yeah I know that one too)

I have been blessed enough to see both sides - and to work with some amazing people in radio, TV and the music industry.

Hands down every other industry does it right. Who doesn't know the very basics "You never know who it is on the other end of the line" and "we are all human?"

Shame on you radio industry - its no wonder you are floundering on the brink of semi extinction.

People get it together (or please do us a favor and go dig a ditch for a living.)

How about rolling up your sleeves and bringing back some basic business etiquette to this industry? I hate to just complain without offering solutions.

The solution: Build a better business model or the Big Bad Internet just might huff and puff and blow your house down.

Another Disgruntled Customer Who's client traveled from the UK for a scheduled and confirmed radio interview and the jock was in Mexico on vacation - yeah now that's On The Beach!

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Re: This infuriating biz, that doesn't practice good biz sen

Post by TheMaxPower » Thu Jul 07, 2011 4:49 pm

I know this person. Worked with her, and love her to death. She is so right on. Truth Hurts doesn't it. But then no one cares because since Regan's Deregulation fully engulfed the industry and real competition was wiped out, Radio became full of people in programming positions who know nothing of music in any of the formats(with a very few exceptions). They don't even know anything about the artists they're playing except maybe they saw it had 200 spins on Media Base. Nero is fiddling while Rome burns.

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