As They Say In the Falklands, Falkem!

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Re: As They Say In the Falklands, Falkem!

Post by gbarn » Sun May 27, 2012 6:07 pm

A salute to comrades and friends who served our country in uniform. I remember young, smiling faces on most, but anguish on others, as the days neared for the trip across the Pacific to the God forsaken jungles of Viet Nam. I remember confidence in some, uncertainity in others. I remember determination in the faces of all, many who didn't return to the infamous welcome back home experienced by many as they disembarked from ships and planes back onto American soil. We forgive those who came to the parades to yell, disrupt, and spit in the faces of our heroes, at least we forgive those who themselves have forgiving hearts.

To others, FALKEM!

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Re: As They Say In the Falklands, Falkem!

Post by pbergin » Wed May 30, 2012 7:23 am

Great post! As a Vietnam era vet, I experienced the kind of disrespect and hatred form civilians you mentioned, albeit not nearly as virulent as having been spat upon or anything approaching that.

Many of us mounted our base stickers on plastic, rather than permanently on our windshields, to avoid having the glass smashed out by some anti-war radical. Also I NEVER wore my uniform off base, I'd change into civilian clothes before I left work to avoid any conflict with certain civilians.

Mind you, I never served in "Nam" only Stateside, but to some, the fact that I was a soldier automatically made me a "baby killer." Notwithstanding the fact that the closest I ever got to a weapon of any kind was qualifing on the range once a year.

How very few young people today understand the meaning of subjugating four years of their lives to a larger purpose. Back then you either enlisted or you were drafted into military service, unless of course your name was Bush and your daddy could get you into the Air National Guard, or your name was Cheney and you had "better things to do."

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