Bring Back Radio

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Bring Back Radio

Post by markwilliams » Tue Mar 12, 2013 2:49 pm

A Facebook conversation about Sacramento radio history leads me to this rumination:

Every town had a KRAK and a Big Jim (Hall). We all grew up with those old AM CHR girants.... KRAK here, KMJ in Fresno, WPRO, Providence; WKBW, Buffalo; WPTR, Albany; WABC & w N! bc, New York; WRKO, Boston; KHJ & K-EARTH, Los Angeles; WFIL, Philadelphia, .... on and on..... Radio could so kick New Media's ass to a pulp if only it remembered what it was, how to do it, and not be afraid to not be ashamed of its legacy. Just makes me physically ill sometimes to see what the industry I dreamed of being part of has become.


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Re: Bring Back Radio

Post by osgo » Tue Mar 12, 2013 4:34 pm

Mark, if I read you correctly, then what is stopping you from leaving your terrestrial shackles and taking a show to the ‘Net? Not a hippy-dippy media blog or podcast - but a real, professionally-run endeavor that concentrates on talk, issues and P1’s without undo influence from politics, sponsors or the Crazy Train Thought Police?

If you believe there is a need/want for the type of radio you love, then what is preventing you from sharing that with a ‘worldwide’ audience?

The jump isn’t exactly bleeding-edge anymore. Quite a few different personalities have done it…and done it successfully I might add. With your background, contacts and influence I’d say you have a better chance than most. Indeed, u have just got to see how the industry is emitting some last gasps, especially with new equal-time restrictions coming down the pike and subjects as polarizing as a limp proboscis in a can of Crisco?

Do you ever feel like your participating in a funeral over your own format and career? I say start a new path. I say bring in younger listeners. I say if you don’t go for it, you might be passed by. Something to think about; Get out there and do it! :geek:

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Re: Bring Back Radio

Post by gbarn » Tue Mar 12, 2013 5:26 pm

Hello Mark:
You sure picked some great stations as prime examples of radio's recent history. It's fun to shake your head, blink your eyes, and nostalgically reminisce about the good old days. The past is light and evocative, the present looks bleak for most and the future remains unquestionably uncertain.

I ponder this thought in a comfortable armchair in the saloon where Edward G. Robinson sipped brandy and smoked cigars while filming here. I come to relax and unwind, I'm in the grip of an inspiration floating in the air, the gossamer whisper radiates through me then moves on.

I'm wondering if we have to gaze beyond the Clear Channel's, the Abrams', Drake's, McClendon's, and so on. That style of radio is a ghost manifestation to be acknowledged like a fragile old reel of celluloid. And radio itself invisibly surrounds us and in many ways remains far more alive today than given credit. At the same time, it's far weaker than most dare to admit. Radio needs a jolt of encouragement to recapture its swagger of confidence. Radio's new life, its impending renaissance and its future success can never be recaptured through repeating its old successes and crossing fingers. The power that gave life to the microphone has been disconnected.

If Charlie Chaplin could come back today, he'd say, "People loved that silly stuff? They laughed and cried as I danced in front of them on the yellowing celluloid, huh, what was I thinking? I see that the future has come and it is sound at the speed of light!"

The only guarantee of a thriving industry is in the recognition of the certainty of its eventual demise and its commitment to reinventing itself. From rebirth flows fresh ideas in vibrant industries which die and again will be called on to reinvent and re establish themselves for modern times. Alvin Toffler brilliantly predicted this in his 1970's classic Future Shock. It’s well worth a re-read.

My view on the future remains grounded in the past, perhaps yours too? However, we needn't drag the burdens of the past into the future. I consider the present a gift. The present is and has always been for those who acknowledge it is a wonderful opportunity to chart a course for the future we seek to have. This is a detour is an excursion up and down winding roads on our way to a new future destination. The inconvenience of a detour on any journey should never be used as an excuse for refusing to move forward. Simply calculate your future in the knowledge that moving forward will not always have you pointing in the right direction.

Remember, research in the late 1800's told Henry Ford that the greatest challenge facing the American public was the need for a faster horse! Look beyond what you see today.

I wish one and all happy trails with exciting detours and smart decisions along the way.

Thanks for your post.

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Re: Bring Back Radio

Post by danno » Thu Mar 14, 2013 4:39 pm

i've been in radio a long time and i've heard from the very beginning from "Famous" Pd's, GM's, Consultants(whose names you might know) who created Legendary Radio Stations i'm sure you know, THAT THERE WAS NOTHING NEW IN RADIO, ITS ALL BEEN DONE BEFORE... and i must admit i've seem NOTHING New in Radio for 40 years... there is technology, new platforms and PC's run a radio station 24 hours with no one there, PROBLEM IS, THE PRODUCT HASN'T IMPROVED, WINNING IDEAS FROM THE PAST HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN RE-WORKED FOR THE 21ST CENTURY. and in looking for that NEW Idea for Radio they've forgotten, "THERE'S NOTHING NEW IN RADIO".. the TRICK is to DO SOMETHING, NEW TECHNOLOGY, CAN'T DO... TV WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE END OF RADIO, THEN TV ADDED MTV, ANOTHER DEATH NULL TO RADIO RIGHT? NOPE! NOW ITS MP3 PLAYERS, I-PADS, the internet, XM SAT RADIO, you can get music ANYWHERE, but you have to ask the question, WHAT CAN'T THEY GET FROM THOSE THINGS THAT RADIO DOES BEST? PART OF THE answer, MAY BE IN THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE.

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