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The Industy

Post by thelegend » Sun Oct 13, 2013 10:49 pm

If you look in the Jobs section you will see a post (legit or not) about one of many ways you get screwed in this business. If you pay for your own move that should be red flag #1. If they fuck you when you arrive perhaps you should have sent a current pic :-) But really, I hear people in radio say how desperate and ghetto many jocks are. You would be too if you were making 20-30K a year and I assure you thousands of jocks will kill for a 20K gig. It's really sad. While the GM and Sales people are living in beautiful 200K homes making 100K you're living in an $800 2/2 cramped apt at 30K and you wonder why you get no respect. Sure I love the job as much as you do but for showing a great attitude, hard work and loyalty to only get cut loose because 30K is too much.???!!??

Even if you're making 50K it's difficult. Of course 50K leaves a big target on your back. These bastards IE: asshole GMs, OMs, GSMs, consultants and owners who think really good talent is not worth more than 50K can kiss my fat ass! :o

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Re: The Industy

Post by frankincleveland » Tue Oct 15, 2013 5:57 pm

That dude moved across the country for $26k.. which considering his experience, I think was nuts to start with.

The particulars of his departure seem to revolve around accommodations for his pet.. they were supposed to set him up with a room till he could move into a house he planned to rent, and when he got into town, it was a "no pets allowed" kinda place.. and management wasn't interested in paying for a pet friendly alternate.

Which, isn't at all surprising since they were only paying $26k and no moving expenses.

He's a good dude, and landed on his feet at another station nearby, and is having a ball.

Look.. I don't expect management to treat the air guys like superstars.. but it would be nice if some of these companies would treat us at least like humans.

My last gig was $28k, putting in 10 to 12 hour days 5 days a week, on weekends you were expected to come in and do the weathers and run the board when needed.. they wouldn't pay for most of the remotes, but you were expected to do them anyway because you were salary.

Dyed in the wool radio guys do it because they love the job.

It just seems more and more people take advantage of that for the almighty dollar.

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Re: The Industy

Post by zebster » Wed Oct 16, 2013 6:04 am

Must be the deep south or Detroit or something. 200K houses are dumps in many parts of the country.
This situation isn't just in Radio. People that have jobs are working longer hours and haven't seen a raise since the last ice age across the board. It's called a bad economy.
Certainly many companies made bad bets before the downturn, and they in turn pass the pain down. But it's never wise to bitch about the success of others. I mean, YOU want to be successful, right?
If you want to really make money in radio, get into sales and management.. Thus is ever was.
On the other hand, calling yourself "The Legend" when you can't make management see your value at 26K seems a stretch. Chill. Work. Learn. Strive. Improve. This always works better than bitching.

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Re: The Industy

Post by TheMaxPower » Fri Oct 18, 2013 10:21 am

Is Radio one of the ONLY industries where help wanted ads post for "Women & Minorities" encouraged to apply. Meaning white males need not apply. I never see this in any other job postings. Not to mention how Radio has become so cookie cutter. Every station sounds the same. Most of the personalities are LAME. Rock radio is almost completely dead. Classic Rock is Boring and unlistenable and pretty much undistinguishable from Classic Hits. The consultants who program these stations because the Program Directors don't have a clue just have them play the same 300 songs because they also don't have a clue because they are in some office way outside the markets they consult. If you're lucky enough to work for one of the few good owners and or REAL PD's left count your blessings daily. Radio was a great industry to work in many moons ago. It is so sad what it has been brought down to.

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Re: The Industy

Post by dylan923 » Mon Oct 28, 2013 5:06 am

I’m the guy who posted the “BEWARE” ad in the job postings this forum is referring to, and my post was and is absolutely legit.

The fact is, is that I didn’t apply for this position; I was recruited and recruited quite heavily by John Newman for his wife Cesta who owns WJTK. Why did I take the job? Certainly not for the money, I took it because I saw an opportunity to build what I believed could be a market dominant, live/local morning talk show. But at the end of the day, I got screwed and screwed good because Cesta and John Newman are simply too cheap to lay out what would anywhere else be considered petty cash in lieu of a trade in order to accommodate the employment offer they made and I accepted.

$220.00 folks, that’s the amount of money which caused this debacle. Cesta Newman refused, and quite condescendingly mind you, to reimburse me the $220.00 it would take to put me up for a week in a pet friendly hotel, money I had previously budgeted to help with my initial move in costs of a house I was to get. And this after Cesta, in writing and as part of my initial employment offer, agreed to provide me 30 days utility paid housing. I’m attaching the email in which this offer was tendered so everyone can see.

Luckily for myself, I found out I had a good friend doing country mornings up in Valdosta. I emailed him, he brought me up and I was hired to re-brand and re-build this 3 station cluster’s Hispanic property (I’m bi-lingual). The pay is better, in the low-mid 30’s, but with my girlfriend getting on at the Lake City Reporter, our combined household income is in the low 50’s and we found a great little house, fenced in yard, yada yada yada…………….in Jasper, Florida which is perfect because we both have a 30 minute commute, her to Lake City and me to Valdosta. I’ve hired a local Lake City attorney who has filed a civil monetary action on my behalf in the Columbia County Court and due to a Florida law which makes a written offer of employment and acceptance of that offer a legal, binding contract, I’m confident I’ll win back every penny I spent.

Life goes on and is quite good around the ole home front these days.

The bottom line here peeps, is I fell into a shit pile and came out smelling good, while Cesta and John Newman, once again, have yet another ad on the job openings page, trying to fill this position, the 5th ad since all this happened the last week of September by the way.

5 ads trying to find someone to work for NEWMAN BROADCASTING in right at a month speaks volumes in my opinion.

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Re: The Industy

Post by bestgamenews02 » Tue Oct 29, 2013 2:17 am

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Re: The Industy

Post by dylan923 » Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:11 am

I found this in JOB OPENINGS just now, it's THE PERFECT EXAMPLE of what some of us are talking about here:

Want to Make More Money Than the Average Jock?
Postby lfuss » Mon Nov 04, 2013 6:49 am

We're still looking for a morning superstar for Q102 in Greenville, MS. The ideal candidate should be able to handle a fast-paced CHR morning show and handle sales. If you already have the on-air skills, we can teach you the sales skills needed to be highly successful. Sales is where the money is in smaller markets, and the ability to sell almost guarantees you will always be able to find employment. Q102 is part of a non-corporate owned cluster where we believe in growing our staff and promoting from within. (A former intern is now the highly successful GM of one of our stations and a former news guy is the GM of Q102). Impress me with your on-air talent and your ability to handle sales. Send info to No old burned out jocks who have no intention of selling, please.

I direct your attention to the very last line of the ad posting......................


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Re: The Industy

Post by frankincleveland » Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:26 am

That's a small town operator who, like many operators, doesn't put his on-air product first and can't figure out why his sales are in the crapper.

You wanna hire a sales guy, hire a sales guy. If I need an electrician, I'm not going to hire a plumber.

Now you'll have a on air jock who spends the vast majority of his day struggling to meet ever rising sales quotas every month rather than focusing on producing and delivering a top tier program.

As a result, the on-air product suffers.

As a sales person, the on-air product is what you're selling to the advertisers.

You think Rush Limbaugh's sales people are busting their asses in the streets begging people to buy airtime on his show?

You think ANY top rated radio program has a sales force clawing and fighting for advertisers? Showing up at potential clients businesses with little ladder diagrams and spec spots and a big book full of responses to common rebuttals?

No. Because a popular, quality on-air product sells itself. Advertisers WANT to be associated with it. You don't have to "re-train" the client with terms like "top of mind awareness".

You wanna move airtime, give listeners a top quality product to listen to.

You want sales people, hire FULL TIME salespeople.

What the hell is a part time salesperson, anyway? An unsuccessful sales person.

Unless you're selling part time for Rush Limbaugh.. but then you're not even a salesperson.. you're a glorified order taker.

Just my .02 cents. Your mileage may vary.

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Re: The Industy

Post by danno » Mon Nov 04, 2013 8:08 pm

i'm doing something Else now, but not long after i was cut due to "Ecomonic Conditions", i went to the guy who owned some stations across town to see if he had an opening for me. you may think i'm BS'ing BUT its the Truth....i was PD of the top station in my demo and the station and my Morning show were ranked in the top 2 or 3 in a 30+ station market for around 10 years, i have over 35 years experience and i worked in several major markets over the years OK, the owner knew of me and my work here. he offered me, Part Time PLUS during the week AND i had to Sell Ad Time for the station. i ended up telling him, I'm Not 18 years old anymore and i don't NEED to be "On The Radio" That Badly, that i will Sell Radio Time in order to do it. ATTITUDE on my part? YA! I don't need Radio on those terms. (like i began this post... I'm doing something else now, and making more money than i ever did in Radio) But i miss the Fun.

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Re: The Industy

Post by dylan923 » Tue Nov 05, 2013 6:59 am

Great points DANNO. You simply cannot be effective doing both sales and on air work, one or the other is going to suffer, period, yet all these dumbass owners "THINK" they're being economical when the reality of the situation is that they're literally destroying their properties.

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