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Re: Airchecks/Demo

Post by boreynolds » Sat Mar 06, 2010 2:04 pm

My name is Bo Reynolds and I've been on the air for 25 years. Early on in my career it seemed that everytime I sent an aircheck out I always got the same response. "Send me more". So, I started send an aircheck that is usually around 30 minutes long. Here's why. A Program Director is looking for a particular sound. He or she may not even be able to put into words exactly what they are looking for, but they're looking for something specific. If the PD likes what he or she hears in the first few seconds of the aircheck they're going to continue to listen. If they LIKE what they hear and you've only given them 2-3 minutes they're always going to ask for more. In my airchecks I put some phone bits, some Benchmark Bits, a contest, an Artist Interview, basically everything that you are planning on doing on his or her station. Since producing my airchecks this way, I either get the job, or I don't, but I never get asked to send more anymore. Good luck!

Bo Reynolds

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Re: Airchecks/Demo

Post by junkie » Sun Mar 07, 2010 11:29 pm

This is an excellent topic that most of us with 10 + years in the game still can't really be specific about. Much respect to all programmers/talent here, but has anybody ever really been hired by an aircheck? Does anybody feel it's a waste of time in the current state of our buisness? I've gotten gigs where it's obvious the station never even listened to what I sent. If PD's are even in a position to hire based on this sample, it should be specific to format. Although if somebody has a passion for another format -it would be cool to hear what they can bring to the table. Somehow I feel an aircheck is as dated as kids wanting to be on radio.

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Re: Airchecks/Demo

Post by johnwilson25 » Tue Mar 16, 2010 5:31 pm

The demo should be under 5 mins. Most PDs wold say even shorter. Almost always, if you make the short list they will ask for more air material. Too bad many PDs only listen to the first :20 seconds. Often we try to be safe with the first break but by the end of the demo we'll try something a little different.
I remember reading a story abut a PD and his APD reviewing tapes. The APD went back to the tapes that were tossed out, listened to them again in their entirety and boom the APD found their next talent.
I implore the PDs to go a little longer than 1 break. Also, in today's age PDs need to be more specific about what they are looking for in the ad. That way you can reduce the 200 demos to listen to. PDs please include the format, shift, location and details about what you are looking for. I don't want to waste my time or yours.

The next hurdle for me has been when they actually call. I always get very professional and matter as fact. That is my nature when talking to someone the first time esp a possible employer. While the PD seems to be trying to feel me out and get a sense of my personality over the phone or in that first interview. That is not in my nature. You are not going to see or hear the real me in the first chat. You are going to get a guy who acts like he is on a job interview. I am working on that.

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