Whre were all the radio companies?????

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Whre were all the radio companies?????

Post by TheMaxPower » Wed Apr 14, 2010 5:52 pm

OK, so i just got back from "Career Day" at The NAB. It was stunning to see the total lack of Radio recruiters. Entercom was there. So was Bonneville. Beasley, but they were only looking for Sales. A Small company called Star Radio. Citadel was there but only the Television Division. No Clear Channel, Cumulus, CBS/Infinity, Greater Media, American General Media, and so on. In talking to a few people there who were speakers at the event, they too were very surprised at the lack of Radio representation. It was like a sign that the talent portion is on life support with a do not recessitate order. To ease my dismay there was an abundance of good looking perspective female news anchors, reporters, and weather girls. Just looking for a Silver linning in the darkness of the cloud.

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Re: Whre were all the radio companies?????

Post by ibizamitch » Sat Apr 17, 2010 4:04 pm

I would thank all the stations carrying syndicated shows for that one. How much cheaper is it to carry a show with celebrities and stunts than local programming. Very easy... how hard is it to sell??? Well... with all the sales positions open we can see that its become an even bigger challenge.

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