Odds of an air talent making a transition to sales?

What are you doing to make money in these tough times? How are you motivating your staff?

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Re: Odds of an air talent making a transition to sales?

Post by thelegend » Mon Nov 17, 2014 4:09 pm

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Re: Odds of an air talent making a transition to sales?

Post by tdw844 » Tue Nov 18, 2014 1:21 pm

If as some of you have posted here are eager to move on to the GM chair and believe the only way to do that is through the sales department please note.

I went from Program Director to General Manager without the transition through the sales department. I spent massive amounts of time with the sales people at the last stations I was programming to learn the ins and outs of their side of the game. I traveled with them, experienced their rejections (although not personally), worked with them on proposals and then I spent time with the sales managers so I had a solid understanding of the entire department.

I firmly believed that it wasn't necessary for me to give up my side of the business, programming, in order to become a GM. My strength was industry knowledge, people skills and strong management abilities. I was fortunate to find an individual who was President of a newly formed broadcast group who believed my whole overall background, programming, legal, business and ultimately some sales awareness as well as amy management skills qualified me to move to the position. Since then I have had three very rewarding GM positions, each one more interesting and highly compensated than the last.

My recommendation is that you should pursue your desire to become a General Manager by sticking to what you know best. Learn as much as you can about the sales process, including inventory management, rate setting, negotiation, direct vs. agency business, etc. Then seek out those individuals in the business who recognized your MANAGEMENT skills, not just programming and not just sales, to pitch for your dream job. Be sure you fully understand the entire business operation and how all the parts work together to insure profitability for ownership. There will be sales people and on rare occasions some air talent who will make more money than you do as a GM. You, however, will have one of the most rewarding jobs and careers you could have in the business and you will be handsomely compensated as well.

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