Latency challenges delivering signal to station

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Latency challenges delivering signal to station

Post by cptsparkle » Fri Dec 31, 2010 7:27 am

Here's a challenge. I have the opportunity to broadcast for a station on the opposite coast. I would like to stream my show to the station but obvious latency issues are challenging us.

Streaming through Shoutcast gives an end result of anywhere from 8 to 30 seconds latent at times. Yet ping times all show less than one second.

Is there a solution?

Is latency due to software issues or data stream path or possibly a combination of both?

Skype is free yet it retains a duplex capability that doesn't sound to bad. I realize Skype couldn't offer broadcast quality audio but nonetheless, Skype does reflect a low latency factor. Why? How can I achieve low latency in supporting an interactive program.

Thanks for any assistance.


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