Engineer Abuse Continues

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Engineer Abuse Continues

Post by nuzehound » Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:41 am

I was surfing the internet and noticed a chief engineer opening. I thought a friend of mine in that part of the country might be interested because he is an engineer (not currently working as an engineer) and his job would be coming to an end soon. So I sent him details about the job and was disappointed to learn that yet another company cares so little about people that they work the chief engineer as hard as they do.

Basically my friend said: "no thanks." He also said the assistant chief wouldn't wish this job on his worst enemy. Wow! Some job! No wonder radio engineers are leaving broadcasting in droves.

So it's the same old story again. Low pay, long hours, many stations to keep on the air, and little or no appreciation. Oh, and all the cell phone calls and ulcers you can handle.

Someday corporate America will value engineers for the work they do instead of treating them like some horrible expense, but by then it may be too late; all of the engineers may have a real job that pays real money and have a life too.

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