To Artists and Labels Re: Bad Words on CDs

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To Artists and Labels Re: Bad Words on CDs

Post by terrybm » Sun Apr 18, 2010 3:16 pm

You could categorize this as a whine. So be it.

I appreciate the artists and the labels who clearly state on the cd jewel box if there are any inappropriate tracks on their cd and what number and/or title those tracks are.

I wish this were a habit with all artists and labels.

I read lyric sheets, but as a human being attempting to do live radio and actually play discs, occasionally something gets past me. There is nothing more annoying and frightening than something leaking out on the air, especially by someone you think is relatively safe as an artist.

I really wish all labels and artists would place a sticker on the front of the CD itself or the front of the jewel box indicating the track number of the offending CD.

I have nothing against creativity but until the FCC decides what is acceptable and what is not (this will NEVER happen) then you can only help your airplay chances by doing this.

I don't know what the rest of you think but it's my pet peeve. Until it ever happens universally I thank Yep Roc and Bloodshot as being two labels that are consistent with their warnings. There are probably artists and labels I am forgetting but those are two that I notice.

Please consider this. It couldn't cost you that much. It will certainly help DJs stay on the air by not getting radio stations and themselves in trouble.

Terry Moses
KCLC Acoustic Edge
St. Louis MO

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